With BlindedHR, build strong and inclusive work forces by keeping the process objective.

Recruitment Services

Recruiters can ensure the job postings don’t scare off great candidates from applying, as well as ensuring all interview candidates get asked consistent questions. BlindedHR offers job posting review, interview question review, job related social media review and consulting services.

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Marketing & Pipeline Growth

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BlindedHR is building relationships with job boards and social media outlets to ensure we help companies publicize jobs as easy as possible. This helps build the most robust applicant pool to select from.

Consulting Services

BlindedHR connects companies with amazing recruiters that have experience writing job descriptions and interviewing candidates. Our services allow you to do your job better and build your best workforce.

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Honest pricing. No surprises.

If you're interested in using BlindedHR, email us at Sales@BlindedHR.com and lets get started!

Build Strong & Inclusive Work Forces by being Truly Objective in the Hiring Process