With BlindedHR, build strong and inclusive work forces by keeping the process objective.

How BlindedHR Builds Inclusion

BlindedHR allows you, the job applicant, to create a resume and personal profile that will be created and maintained as a living document. Instead of having to customize your resume or paying someone to do it, you complete a few forms and have a resume that puts you in instant competition for jobs.

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How BlindedHR Mitigates Human Error

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We've created an applicant review process that removes superficial information and only leaves the important information needed to assess qualification. With no first or last name, name of your college, previous employers and listing languages you speak to distract recruiters, you finally have a fair shot to be evaluated for a new position.

How BlindedHR Helps Maximize The Talent Pipeline

Apply for jobs with a company that cares about how you're represented. BlindedHR wants all job applicants to feel they have a fair shot at a new employment opportunity, and to contribute for a great company. With our system, we're focusing on what matters to review talent.

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The Fair & Yet Modern Way to Neutralize Human Error in the Hiring Process